Is your social media marketing hiding in plain sight?

There are a number of people and companies that I know are active on social media but you’d never guess from looking at their other online and offline materials. This is what I call ‘hiding in plain sight’ and it’s a missed opportunity.

If you are clear about how social media can help you achieve your business and marketing goals and are using it purposefully, then it’s important that other participants you’re interested in engaging with, know you too are active. Sure, there’s a school of thought that says provide good content and people will come but that takes time – and there’s heaps of good content out there that doesn’t appear to get high volumes of traffic.

So, what can you do in the meantime? 

Point people to your social media activity: 

1. Include links on your website to your social media profiles and blog (and vice versa)

2. Include your social media URLs/handles on your marketing collateral such as:

  • business cards
  • letterhead
  • comps slips (if you have them)
  • email sign-off
  • invoices
  • tenders and proposals (where appropriate)
  • brochures and credential statements

3. Include your URL in adverts. I’ve seen so many adverts that say ‘Join/Like us on Facebook’ but that don’t include the URL and it’s sometimes not that obvious. I’ve had trouble finding the official Facebook pages for a few big organisations because they weren’t what I intuitively thought they would be. Not including this information means you’re putting up an additional barrier to those who might be interested in connecting with you.

Engage with your target audience(s) in those places in which they’re active:

Find out where they hang out (by looking at their profile and activity information) and:

1. Go to them rather than expecting them to come to you. Engage them in discussions, share good content they’ve generated or ask them a question.

2. Engage one-on-one with key people in your industry. Look for opportunities to promote them by sharing their content or interview them for your blog so that they promote it to their networks.

3. Comment on other people’s blogs, and where appropriate include a link to your content. Only include a link to your content when you can add something extra to their post and/or the discussion.

Social media isn’t a silver bullet. It does take commitment, time, effort and focus to pay off…but if you are clear about why you are using social media and what you want to achieve, then there’s no reason at all why you should hide in plain sight.

What other ways have you used to engage others? 

Are you seeing returns from your social media engagement? 


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